Get Rid of Facial Hair- My Progress

Get Rid of Facial Hair- My Progress

Update #1 

Hello readers!

I just wanted to document and share my progress using my Hair Reducing Fade Oil- my all natural hair growth inhibitor for excessive facial hair. I shared some before and after images on my Facebook Group on June 3, 2020.

I’m testing methods of how to best use my products to get the most optimized results. I’ve been shaving my neck every five days and comparing my photos from before and after. I also decided to pluck my chin bald- leaving not a single hair behind. Normally, my chin hair takes much longer to grow back but I wanted to make sure I had visuals to back this up.

I started using the hirsutism oil EVERY SINGLE DAY. You have to be consistent if you want results, and that goes for anything in life, really. Before starting this new routine, my chin hairs were coming back every 7 to 10 days. I was seeing a lot of new black, dark, coarse hairs in my pores. When I started using my natural hair removal oil to slow down the growth, I noticed my hairs were coming back much thinner and some were coming  back very light in color. In my experience, removing the hair from the root is the best way to go. Plucking, waxing, epilating, or even threading will help you get desired results, faster.

The image below is hair that grew 3 days after shaving. After that, I plucked all of my chin hairs on May 22nd. The two images on the right side are the new hairs coming in, taken on June 2nd.

Ingrown hairs on woman, before and after using natural hair removal oil


Neck Hairs

To be honest, I have noticed little change. It seems to be growing at a slower rate and the hair is definitely coming back thinner. However, over the five day period, the hair has not grown back yet. The photos below are five days apart. The first and second photos were taken on May 30th. The third photo (far right) was taken June 4th.  

Women before and after photos of  dark spot after using ingrown hair oil


Plucking vs. Shaving

After doing the plucking versus shaving test on my chin and neck, I feel like plucking is way more effective when using my products. When the fair follicle is empty, it allows space for the hirsutism oil to enter, allowing the mitigation of facial hair growth.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What Oil Stops Chin Hair Growth?
Many essential oils can simultaneously work together to help stop hair growth on your chin. At Umber, our Hair Reducing Fade Oil along with a few of our other products are made by infusing some of these essential oils to help the reduction of hair growth on your chin, face, jawline and other parts you have unwanted hair for either genetic reason, PCOS, or hirsutism.

How Do I Stop Hormonal Chin Hair?
There are a number of ways to reduce hormonal chin hair. Some measures include: laser hair removal, epilating, waxing, threading, depilatory creams and much more. If you’re looking for a pain free hair removal, try our Hair Reducing Fade Oil. Although you must remove the hair from the root by using any of the aforementioned methods first, our hair reducing fade oil mitigates hair growth over time and can provide you with a long term solution.

Is Facial Hair Due To Hormonal Imbalance?
The most common cause of facial hair or “male-pattern” hair growth in women is due to a hormone imbalance. But to be sure, speak with a licensed healthcare professional to rule out other causes.


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