About Umber by J. Lenay

Umber By J. Lenay

An all-natural, organic brand

Our products represent individuals who may struggle with conditions such as Hirsutism, PCOS, and Hormonal imbalances that promote excessive unwanted hair growth.

We focus on reducing the growth of hormonal hair naturally. Consistent use of Umber products has been shown to thin out hair, and eventually, stop the growth completely. In addition, Umber products improve the appearance and health of the skin that has been damaged due to ingrown hair, hormonal acne, and scaring (from physical hair removal techniques).

This transformation will take time (seeing results within 2 weeks - 2 months depending on dedication), but we ensure that our products have a long-lasting shelf life.

Our blended combinations were formulated specifically to adapt and tackle the necessary obstacles accurately. ​
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We believe that if a product works too quickly the results will most likely be temporary.
This is a life-changing journey that requires consistency, commitment, and dedication to see promising results.
Umber is committed to keeping our solutions affordable, pain-free, and easy to use.
My heuristics for your hirsutism delivered directly to your door.
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Founder and Creator of Umber by J. Lenay. Jasmine was born and raised in Houston, Texas and currently lives in Oakland, California. She went to California College of the Arts in San Francisco where she studied Architecture & Fashion design. Happily married with two big headed kids, she spends her time taking care and home schooling her children, working to improve her business, keeping the house hold organized and her husband happy. ​ Jasmine's struggle with Hirsutism started during puberty, and stretched all the way into her adult life. Over the years she tried countless remedies, various shaving techniques, homemade masks, hair removal creams, and even electrolysis. All of which either had no effect, or made problems worse than before. Overwhelmed with doubt, she believed that she may have to pluck and shave for the rest of her life. ​ Discouraged by the selection of hair removal products, she dedicated three years of researching the root causes of Hirsutism. Exploring holistic and Ayurvedic practices used by cultures through out the world. Jasmine then crafted an organic solution leading to the evolution of UMBER.