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Mecedes California

I love this product my favorite part is that it’s 100% natural which is one thing I always look for in a product. I still do the no no’s like pick my skin for ingrown hairs and bumps but this product has helped a lot with dark marks. Looking forward to the progress.

Anna California

I loved the product size and format as a roll on oil it is easy and less mess than creams and other products I have used in the past. A little goes a long way! I love how my skin tone has started to even out and when I am tweezing, the hairs are lighter and not as deep as before! I also enjoy how the smell is all natural and a little spicy, not at all artificially and chemically like previous products I have tried.


Everyone keeps complimenting my skin, how smooth and clear it has become. So far I can't see changing products for a while. Very happy with the outcome!

Dauttette California

I've had a dark spot on my chin for sooo long. I've noticed using the oil, I no longer see the spot. The little hair I have on my chin and neck has thinned out. Most of it has changed to a transparent state. I'm excited to see what will happen next as I continue using the oil.


I love how the product smells natural. I've noticed the hair does not grow back thicker and my dark spots have started disappearing. It is a roll on, which makes it easier to use. Great all around product.


This product has been amazing. I can’t tell you what’s done for my confidence. It comes in an amazing glass bottle with a roller!! Application is seamless and easy. No mess and no wasting product! Not only does this product help remove hair on your face Overtime with consistent use but it also removes dark spots!


I had tried so many things until I finally found something that works! I cannot recommend this oil enough!


I had given up hope as I have previously tired everything but umberjlenay has given me back my confidence.


My dark spots have been fading a lot, my skin looks so much better. I’ve noticed some thinning and it takes a lot longer for regrowth.


"I have not noticed any change in hair growth but my skin is not so dry and stay moisturized now. I would like to continue using product after I run out. I do have a severe case of hirsutism and my hair is coarse and thick. A lot of density as well. I use it twice a day. First is after my morning shower. I apply my make up about 20 mins after applying the product. Second is after I wash my face at night before bed. Overall I am happy with the product"

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