What is Hirsutism? Coming From Someone Who Has It

What is Hirsutism? Coming From Someone Who Has It

Listen, now I'm not going to copy and paste what you would typically see on the internet. I'm just gonna give you my scope on what it's like to have this BS called Hirsutism.

So maybe like many of you who are constantly looking in the mirror, wondering when you will get the next hook up on a wax or threading mission. I find myself shaving like every 3 days or so ( if i need to). Honestly, I don't shave as often as I use to since I'm no longer on the dating scene, my husband doesn't seem to care (or wont say). I tell you what, I have way less ingrown hairs than I had before.

When you have this issue you have a self confidence problem on your hands.
I'm speaking for everyone! Even those who are in denial.
Angry Woman
If you no longer have that problem, you're probably in the F**k It stage of your life. Congratulations, you have reached the level of enlightenment, you no longer care right? Wrong! Somebody has looked at you crazy and you just want them to redirect their eyes from your neck, chin, chest (whatever) and focus on that fist,  you wish to knock em out with. (lol I crack myself up!)


So, What Exactly Is Hirsutism? 

For those who don't know what Hirsutism is: It is a hormonal disorder one has, when they grow excessive male pattern hair on different areas of their body. Face, chest, back, legs, it doesn't matter. Some women have it everywhere and others are blessed enough just to have a mustache. I, myself suffer jawline to chest and you know what sucks the most? If your hair is coarse like mine, your bound to have skin issues as well. Dealing with ingrown hair, hyper-pigmentation, cysts can even form, all of that seems to never go away.

I had ingrown hairs so long on my jawline, I had to get it surgically removed. Sounds like a Dr. Pimple popper episode? Imagine what my best friend thought when she was standing there watching the doctor cut on my face. Yea she was there for me :) Whatever the case, now I have this scar on my face that I have to figure out how to get rid of  -_('-')_- The story of my life, and many others before and after me.

Another thing about Hirsutism is that you're constantly trying to find ways to permanently get rid of the sh*t. What happens is that you'll come across all kinds of remedies like turmeric masks, suspicious foreign magical hair removal creams, or painful techniques like laser hair removal. From my experience, I did electrolysis for a good year.


Was Laser Hair Removal Worth It? 

In short, no. I'm thinking I wasn't about the spend a lot of money putting myself in debt fooling around with laser hair removal. Especially since I read somewhere that it didn't really work for darker complexions. Low and behold the electrolysis didn't work for me either, it just worked my pockets like I was somebodies sugar daddy, a mark at a strip club, the tax collectors (you get it AHA). Walking the streets, broke, with my head down, I told myself one day its not going to be so hard.  I'm going to figure this mess out. That's the kind of attitude you have to have.

Don't get me wrong there are some strong women out there who rock the beard and even have it as a fashion statement. In some ways It's beautiful, but I'm telling you right now THAT AIN'T ME. I respect those who can do it though. I have enough of a job working with my natural head hair to then be messing around with a beard, nope. Long story becoming short. If you think you have Hirsutism don't get too irritated with it, turn it around with sarcasm. Humor heals the stress.

Hope you enjoyed the read! XD

By Jasmine Nelson

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